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Male: A stupid asshole who never knows what he's talking about but brings other people down to make himself feel better about himself.

Female: A whore. Usually one who likes oral sex or performs oral sex as her specialty.
Barney started talking shit to me last night but when I started fighting back he backed down like the pussy cockmonch that he is.

Allison gave me some of the greatest head I've ever had last night, she's a master cockmonch. I'm in love.
by Renzo Cervantes July 31, 2006
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1. A common phrase in the Southern Maryland area used to describe one who acks oddly and does things that are irrational and to no immediatly beneficial effect whatsoever, and in some cases may be so detrimental that the act causes harm or injury to the one who preformed it or in extreme cases injury or death to those around that person.

2. An utter unmittigated yahoo
Shut Up you cockmonch!

Callete, tu cockmonch!
by Candy Snax February 22, 2006
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