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A movie known best on, adored by the masses for its strange and sick atmosphere. It features Salad Fingers and his friends in a peculiar world created in both his fantasy and weird reality. David Firth, its creator, is literally the Ernest Hemingway of Flash, and yes, kung-fu, kick ass... whatever, kids are really shallow. Joe bastard, the only way you know everything about Salad Fingers is by watching every episode, and Van Halen wears spandex. A bit suspicious, no?
"I like it when the red water comes out."
"Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo."
"It seems nettles have made the milk come out of my teat."
"I say, Milford Cubicle, would you like a warm glass of milk?"

Salad Fingers would pwn every bit of competition if entered in the Cannes film festival, I'll place money on it.
by Pillage Productions October 12, 2004
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Possibly the most disturbing "person"/cartoon i have ever watched, but at the same time, really cool. He lives in a post apocalyptic type world with a tim burton feel to it. he is mentally insane and probably is a schizophrenic. he enjoys rubbing himself with nettles, making himself bleed, and rusty objects, like rusty spoons, a rusty kettle, and the rusty bars of a cage. his only "friends" are his finger puppets and the hairs he finds in the hairs he finds in a panic room or somthing. the only living things he has ever met are a boy who has rusty spoons in his house, a girl who is the only other person to talk instead of scream, a boy that climbs into salad finger's oven to get a fish but the oven closes and kills the kid, a guy who tries to get into salad finger's house by banging his head against the door but kills himself, and a "boy" with stitches and an indent in his head who kidnaps salad fingers. he had a brother kenneth who probably died in the great war, but saladfingers finds half of a corpse when he is digging and thinks it is kenneth. he also finds a toy horse which he pretends to ride on. in his house there is a radio that he listens to a night so he can listen to the great war. for some reason it talks and asks salad fingers to give back the hairs he found.
salad fingers: "hubert cumberdale, fancy seeing you here."
(hubert cumberdale makes that loud shrieking sound and walks away).
by Just Shut Up February 04, 2009
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the creepiest cartoon series i have ever watched. it will haunt my dreams. the series has recently re-emerged, with part 9. it is the scariest of them all.
i love Salad Fingers' classic british vocabulary. it's genius.
by Chowderz May 30, 2011
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Salad fingers is a flash cartoon that uses the facade of random hysteria (rusty spoons, ridiculuos combinations eg. salad and fingers) to communicate a more serious, tragedic perspective of the world. This could almost be compared to naive art, in that it is seemingly spontaneous, a work deliberately imitating childish art, but in so doing accessing the darkest recesses of human consciousness. Not only does salad fingers touch rusty things, his mono-mania and schizophrenic behaviour hints at abuse and isolation. Salad fingers is not simply strange, laughable - in its repulsiveness it higlights aspects of the human condition that are glossed over in everyday life, or ignored in the mentally ill and the suffering. It is for this reason that salad fingers may be described as sad, as well as strange.
He dreams of rusty taps.
He talks to a broken telephone.
He is often reduced to being utterly terrified by a few choice words. ("I think he likes spoons too.")
by Grey Sea June 02, 2005
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salad fingers is possibly an ordinary looking man, in an ordinary world, with an unordianry life. He is very mentally ill, depressed and unmedicated, or at least refuses to take it. What we see in salad fingers episodes is how salad fingers sees the world. Being depressed and mentally ill he sees himself as the way we see him and also sees an otherwise thriving world as post apocolyptic. His friends and those he encounters are all figments of his imagination from a combination of mental illness and lonliness. Favor of rust and blood also comes from his mental illness. Salad fingers lives in an apartment in the city, apartment number 22. However he is a lonley isolated man, and therefore he sees his apartment as being just one small house in the middle of nowhere. He has no contact with any other human beings whatsoever, until episode 5, where he interacts with a girl he originally thought was a product of his imagination but turned out to be real. This is signified by her being the only other character in the series other then salad fingers that can speak. Because he simply did not know how to be with real people, he broke down. There is no word yet as to if he ever fully recovered.
"rusty kettle...(scratch scratch)... ooooaaaahhhh"
by Wolf March 02, 2005
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In a dark realm beyond even the most remote, psychadelic hypnosis emerges salad fingers. The inertia of this creatures life revolves around its dysfunctional role in nature to find sexual pleasure in rubbing oxidized metals; the few adult souls who encounter him find themselves plundering into a glorious but agonizingly tortuous and ritualistic death; the only real contact reflecting any human persona expressal is with finger puppets who join in an occasional hair perm... to look directly at salad fingers is to inhumanely mock him; do not cage him, stay away from his world lest you find yourself the next fish in the oven...
"I've made you a friend hat!"
by Daver April 10, 2005
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