An intellectual giving his factual opinion on a sensitive topic
“Jesus then said E to explain to shrek and Elon musk why Despacito 7.83 should be releasesed”
by Donald_nut July 07, 2018
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1950: I bet in the future literature will advance to better than ever

2018: E
via giphy
by WiiMii99 June 17, 2018
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Short form for ecstasy. Ecstasy refers to MDMA, however most modern day ecstasy is just MDA or MDEA. MDMA is a party drug used by some who attend raves, clubs, concerts, spiritual sessions, etc. MDMA is not very physically addicting, however it depletes seritonin at a rapid rate which causes the high. This causes the user to feel depressed for a period of time after taking the drug. Heavy abuse of the drug has been proven to cause permanent brain damage (not government endorsed). Brain damage may be avoided by moderation and the use of seritonin building supplments such as 5HTP. MDMA was found to have very positive psychological qualities during medical testing but the fact it could be abused is what caused it to be banned.
Jimjim was arrested for having E when the pigs raided.
by fu March 30, 2003
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