8 definitions by Cake.CHR

When your being rude or improper about or to someone or something
Person1: That guys being so uncivil right now
Person2: Yeah he was mean to Carl
Person1: I’d hate to be uncivil
by Cake.CHR May 31, 2019
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For fucking idiots who spell left cheek wrong
Person1: oh my gawd that’s a thicc left check
Person2: don’t you mean cheek you fucking weeb

Person1: *cries*
by Cake.CHR May 30, 2019
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.CHR meaning character file for a computer or program.
But a character type file isn’t actually an official file type.
Person 1: hey is that file a .chr file?
Person2: that’s not an actual file type
Person1: oh
by Cake.CHR June 4, 2019
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When you saysigh” but you lost your “H”
Person1: sig
Person2: lost your “h”?
Person1: yea I lost it again
Person2: ere ave mine
Person1: Thanks now I can “sigh”
by Cake.CHR June 4, 2019
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Stuff people search for on urban dictionary so they can define words
Person2: what are you doing?
Person1: trying to find some Unused Words on urban dictionary
Person2: try unused words
Person1: taken
Person2: by who?
Person1: Cake.CHR
by Cake.CHR May 31, 2019
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The opposite of thicc, is a skinny bitch and has no curvs at all!, you don’t want a cciht girl you need a thicc girl.
Person_1: hey I got a girlfriend

Person_2: is she cciht?
Person_1: the fuck is that
Person_2: is she thicc?
Person_1: no
Person_2: then she cciht
by Cake.CHR May 15, 2019
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