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When your being rude or improper about or to someone or something
Person1: That guys being so uncivil right now
Person2: Yeah he was mean to Carl
Person1: I’d hate to be uncivil
by Cake.CHR May 31, 2019
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A phrase used by the best of all Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, after shooting General Grievous with a blaster. It is used as a Prequel Meme, generally without subtitles, mocking people who can't understand Prequel Memes without subtitles.
by a pathetic idiot September 11, 2020
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when a bitch petty as fuck and want the smoke but won’t confront you, or her name is physically stuck in her mouth; therefore is a pussy
She has officially declared uncivil war by illegibly writing my name on a tshirt like fan merchandise.
by claireedgerton March 4, 2022
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Someone that backstabs you ,lies, and is fake …there for makes them no better than a rabies filled rat
Fake person: ****** breaths

by Ha you thought November 27, 2017
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(n) - a fuck nigga that ain't down with Beethoven
Beethoven was the Dr. Dre of his time, but only uncivilized fuck niggas can't see that.
by SlowBlows September 17, 2013
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