In morocco, it means the smartness.
nabil: do you have a chr
steteph: you can't know, you're damn stupid
nabil: i see now
by steteph April 1, 2007
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Definition: Good, sweet, not too bad.

Background: gluttarl derivative of 'Cheers', originally said as a 'thank you'.
"Dude, that's chr."

"Chr chr dude."
by El Bandito May 26, 2004
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donut..chr is one of the nicest fanpages you will ever see she is veryy talented and kind
''Ayo donut..chr just posted a vid''
''OMG the talent she is so talented''
by January 17, 2021
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Smile..chrs has 1700 followers but not all the people know her but she is so cute!

And she getting so happy if she has 70 likes. so if you do that she is so happy!
by Livvvn October 27, 2021
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.CHR meaning character file for a computer or program.
But a character type file isn’t actually an official file type.
Person 1: hey is that file a .chr file?
Person2: that’s not an actual file type
Person1: oh
by Cake.CHR June 4, 2019
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