A people traffic jam that occurrs in subway tunnels and bus stations. Caused by inconsiderate workaholics walking too slow while their noses are glued to their Blackberry device.
I was late for work because there was a Blackberry Jam getting out of the A train.
by bratina August 30, 2005
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When 3 or more people are in a meeting, not talking to each other, but are all checking, emailing or talking on their blackberries.
We had a few topics we needed to discuss in the departmental meeting, however it turned into a Blackberry Jam
by Tommireed February 19, 2009
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When you shove blackberries up another persons ass and suck them out.
I met Rob last night and enjoyed some blackberry jam right from the source.
by Beerylicious February 20, 2022
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When a black man splooges on a (typically white) female, and she uses the fluids for spreading on toast
I accidentally ate a blackberry jam sandwhich that Terry made last night, it was so gross!”
by CowboyBeBallz March 21, 2018
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