1. Said by someone who has a very obvious unrequited gay crush on someone who remains oblivious to his flirtations. Usually said after doing the thousandth favor for him for free, despite massive actual personal cost.

A humorous reference to the epic line uttered by Jack Twist to Ennis del Mar (RIP Heath) in the film Brokeback Mountain.
Dude 1: Thanks for the coffee. You didn't have to walk through 600 km of hot dry desert, cross an ocean of razorblades, and defeat 10,000 dragons just to get me one.

Dude 2: Oh it was nothing. Anything for you. *stares longingly at Dude 1 as he sits down*

Dude 1: Why are you staring at me?

Dude 2: I wish I knew how to quit you...
by I ate your Pie, deal with it October 3, 2010
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