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Game played against any gay person, target is usually a Fgusc. Mainly played with weaponry or archery sets.
Man we really should introduce Tom Woods to Frag the fag.
by Burrett July 23, 2004
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A fat useless turd-Muncher who angers easily and may be called pudgeworth. He/She/It is most commonly found in a mole hole
Fuck Adam Wright should change his name to Wompo!
by Burrett February 10, 2005
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Used to describe chode sucking, mole fist fucking, pin dick owning and whore using sad muthafuckaaaaas!!!!!!!
Man i know people who should change their name to Fguscliffe
by Burrett January 15, 2005
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Stands for being :
Assraped With A Rotating Device.
Usually enjoyed by a fgusc or tom woods
Man Tom woods is such an unpopular fgusc i bet he lives to collect awards.
by Burrett September 26, 2004
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A stupid fat dog raping prostitute wannabe who has no friends, likes sucking horse penis and lives like a mole.
Man Sepalee should change her name to Syphalee
by Burrett December 06, 2004
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Stands for a French Gay Unco Sissy Cunt who is a ass backwards, moronic, seepage sculling douchebag who is a total ass clown
Man Tom Woods is a grade A FGUSC
by Burrett December 01, 2004
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The local pad of Sepalee/syphalee and Adam Wright/pudgeworth/wompo. Usually dark, dirty and reeking of fish.
lets burn down Syphalees mole hole!
by Burrett February 10, 2005
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