Coined by Washington DC's DC101's morning Jock, Elliot Seigel, Stupid Fat is a nickname for Brian "Flounder" Schlossburg. He is known for Making his former girlfriend cry on the air. As well as his Saturday night event, Flounder's Mashups, and his Fat Man Run. Smell my face
Elliot - "Hey Stupid Fat! Get over here and Smell my Face!"
by john j. finnerty January 28, 2006
Someone is fat for no apparent reason. Due to overeating and lack of exercise because one is just "too damn lazy" to do something about their obvious weight problem.
Aeriel Griffin is stupid-fat because she sits around and eats. The only form of exercise she gets is sex with her smaller than average boyfriend.
by Kagan Phillip April 17, 2010
the way to describe grace. can be used when she eats too much cake and cant get up. Also when she makes u angry.
Grace u eat to much stop being a stupid fat bitch
by user585 April 21, 2020
A face defined by it's fatness and relative stupidity to the brain located directly behind it.
Chris Leicht has a stupid fat face.
by hambonebassass December 18, 2008
A person who wears small and tight revealing shirts thinking they look ok while the rest of us have to suffer with looking at there fat stomachs all day long!cover up fatty!
holy sonuvabitch look at that stupid fat ass!!!sick!
by wouldnt u like to know January 17, 2004
Most of the kids who sit on this sit complaining about how much America sucks before they go play counter strike some more.
Get off your ass and computer you stupid fat bitch.
Someone who thinks they know it all and has a big head about everything!
Best if used in an arguement! Damnit jeff, stop being a stupid fat head!!Im right and your wrong.
by Kupap January 18, 2006