gripping someone's ass to show affection or desire, especially in public.
James' ass grab made her jump
by rapmac November 10, 2009
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If you’re feeling a little bit saucy, the month of October is Ass Grabbing Month. This is where a girl or guy reaches for that ass and then you grab it
Yo dude! It’s Ass Grabbing Month!
by reddoesathing October 1, 2019
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the most common form is when a guy walks by a girl, grabs her ass, and keeps walking.

for all you guys reading this DO NOT ever do this. you will never get laid, and girls will write you off as a horny asshole.
girl A: OMG! that fucking asshole just preformed a drive by ass grab on me!

girl B: what a dick! he probably plays video games in his grandma's basement all day
by skytheshadowninja November 27, 2010
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When you put both your thumbs up an ass crack while kicking them in the pussy in a red pair of metal cleats.
Hey Janice bend over the Sound Horse is about to Indian Ass Grab you.
by Dr. Doom420 May 16, 2021
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This October of this year it’s time to look for some ass and grab dat shit, fat or flat grab everybody ass
Damn she got a lil booty but that mfker look good asl it’s ass grab October so I’m finna go grab dat shit
by Realchicagonigga October 2, 2019
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Following the events of "Destroy dick December" and its influence in popularity in 2018, "Ass Grab January" is an event starting on the first of January, when Male and Female have to grab their opposite genders Ass(Butt) based on the numbers of days. This means you must only touch the person's butt once if started on January 1st and only twice on Jan. 2, 3 times on the third, and so on until 31 times on the 31st. So with all that said have Fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"You see in Ass Grab January its Grab or be Grabbed"
by Ghetto Santa November 27, 2018
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