Terminal velocity is when you are diagnosed with going the maximum speed in a defined direction using only gravitational potential. It is life threatening as it is a terminal disease.
Paul: What's wrong?
Kevin: I've been diagnosed
Paul: With what?
Kevin: Terminal Velocity.
Paul: RIP
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n. applies to new or recent hires that don't seem to understand the job for which they were hired.
That new girl in Logistics hit terminate velocity last Thursday when she sorted one column of a 50,000-cell spreadsheet and saved it to the shared drive.
by TissPee September 8, 2010
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After having a few glasses of wine and reaching a buzz, this is the effect of gravity versus mind not allowing you to feel any more buzz. The wine begins to taste like juice and you feel no more effects regardless of continued consumption.
hayley: My cheeks felt rosy after those first 2 glasses of wine, but I no longer feel any increasing effects now that I am onto my third.

justin: that is because you have reached your terminal wine velocity.
by hayley s. November 2, 2010
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