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1. an excessive amount.

2. A lot.

This word is primarily used with great imprecision by inarticulate, pretentious college undergraduates who wish to express no more than "a lot," but want to do it with as many syllables and as annoyingly as possible.
Unbearable undergraduate#1: I just drank a plethora of coffee so I can study for the test today.
Unbearable Undergraduate#2: Dude, me too. I hope there's not a plethora of questions.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 14, 2009
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1. A name applied derisively to a person who uses a word, phrase, or expression that is at odds with his everyday vocabulary, and usually sounds pretentious and artificial (a "Hollywood expression").

Most often used in the phrase "What are you, Joe Hollywood?"

Derived from the TV show Seinfeld.
George: Uh, can we cut to the chase?

Jerry: "Cut to the chase"?

George: Yeah...

Jerry: What're you, Joe Hollywood?
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 22, 2009
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Originally the name of a profile featured on The Onion Personals. The ad: "I'm a geek. A girl geek. I like the funny. If you can make me laugh and call me a pretty, pretty princess, I'm yours."

The ad is ubiquitous to this day and is still being referenced in jokes in the comments sections of The Onion AV Club.

Now ladydisdain can refer more generally to anything hated for its ubiquity.
"I can't go anywhere without seeing that guy. He's such a ladydisdain."

"Vanilla Ice was unavoidable in the early 1990s. He even appeared in the second Ninja Turtle movie. This caused him to be viewed with ladydisdain."

"Steve posted his ad on only a few choice billboards, being careful not to ladydisdain his image."
by Bourbon Diction Andy June 04, 2009
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1. Of or resembling Count Dracula.

2. Exhibiting some or all of the characteristics of a vampire.

3. Of or related to vampires.
Maude's pale complexion this morning made her look rather dracular.

My canine teeth are sharp and dracular.

Twilight is a dracular film about glittery, abstinent vampires.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 06, 2009
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1. First of all

2. A phrase, used by the intolerably unimaginative, to introduce the first of at least two dull, idiotic points in his/her "argument."
Angry moron #1: First off, buddy, you're way outta line. Second--

Some other guy: Sorry to interrupt, but you're putting me to sleep. I'm gonna go home and take a nap.
by Bourbon Diction Andy November 05, 2009
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A tired metaphor for the different tasks a single person in a particular occupation is responsible for performing, primarily employed by stupid, annoying, pretentious people. Avoid these people if you can.
Annoying guy: In my particular line of work, I find that I must put on many different hats. I make copies, staple papers, and eat potato chips.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 14, 2009
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noun. Good, great.

adjective. Totally cool.

It used to refer to a very specific type of poem, like The Iliad or The Odyssey. Then came the movie version of Lord of the Rings, arguably an epic itself. The movie's popularity introduced the word to the ignorant public. Soon hack video game "journalists" were using the term as a synonym for "fantasy," which did not help preserve the original definition. After years of corruption, the word is now an even more annoying synonym for "totally cool, dude!"
My hat is epic.

Today is epic.

That cereal is epic.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 14, 2009
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