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Originally the name of a profile featured on The Onion Personals. The ad: "I'm a geek. A girl geek. I like the funny. If you can make me laugh and call me a pretty, pretty princess, I'm yours."

The ad is ubiquitous to this day and is still being referenced in jokes in the comments sections of The Onion AV Club.

Now ladydisdain can refer more generally to anything hated for its ubiquity.
"I can't go anywhere without seeing that guy. He's such a ladydisdain."

"Vanilla Ice was unavoidable in the early 1990s. He even appeared in the second Ninja Turtle movie. This caused him to be viewed with ladydisdain."

"Steve posted his ad on only a few choice billboards, being careful not to ladydisdain his image."
by Bourbon Diction Andy June 04, 2009
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