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a term commonly used to express content after consuming too much crunk juice.
was the party any good?

by Bouch March 02, 2005

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A true American Hero. A WWII veteran and 30+ year employee of the Boro of Sayreville turned renowned Hot Dog Vendor. You can find him on Main Street in Sayreville, NJ across from the old water tower. Now, in his mid 70s Frank still continues his tradition of great hotdogs and conversation. Equipped with his ancient mailtruck turned mobile hotdog vehicle he serves up a mean Chili, Cheese, and BBQ Onions. I recommend you stop by soon.
Person 1: I got a hankerin' for some hotdogs. You wanna go to Bears?
Person 2: Hell no, Bear's hotdogs suck... I want something good..

Persons 1 & 2: HOT DOG FRANK!
by Bouch October 10, 2006

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When you take a shit and you look to see your work, and the shit has disappeared into the pipe. It vanished.
I just had a phantom shit, I can't see it at all.
by Bouch March 02, 2005

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when you take a shit and it has swirls of different colored browns.
The was the craziest tie-dye poop I have ever seen
by Bouch March 02, 2005

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best team in sports. Bottom line.
The Yanks can go rub dongs with their daddies.
no team better than the sox
by Bouch March 02, 2005

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to be heavily inebriated, a mix of housed and smashed. One of the most drunken states.
1. I don't knoe if I hve evr ben so shmoused in my lyfe.
by Bouch March 02, 2005

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A South Amboy football play in which there are 3 players each exceeding 250 pounds in the backfield and run the ball up the middle.
Bouch, Pat, and Dav ran the Bagerang against Keansburg and decimated them.
by Bouch January 02, 2005

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