a drink composed of red bull and hennessy, originated by lil jon of lil jon and the eastside boys.
"This may be your normal energy drink, and this may be your normal alcoholic beverage, but together, it's crunk juice." (approximate quote off the Crunk Juice DVD)
by Tim Raz March 1, 2005
a drink that is redbull and vodka that makes you go crazy and drunk. Crunk like Lil Jon says. Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys originated this drink.
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
the most dumbest word that black people came up with..
crunk juice is just a retarded word that some rappers made up just to get famous
by holypooponastick August 29, 2005
crunk juice; n. A refreshment much like Red Bull created by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, consisting of soda pop, horny goat weed, and lots of sugar. Generally drank by people who want to get hyper & crunk, desiring the feeling of being crazy & drunk.
Yo man, Ima drink dis crunk juice 'for I go to da party, is go'n be so crunk!

Dat crunk juice make you feel so horny!
by janey April 11, 2005
its a bevarage u drink to get crunk,
like alchhol!!
"pass me my crunk juice....imma bout to get CRUNK!!!!"
by CK March 20, 2005
The name of one of the fish owned by Ying Yang Twins
MTV Cribs
what they names?
there's crunk juice
f*** you
and money green
by Riksta February 25, 2005
1. A drink drank by the crunkiest artists in America. Mainly the Dirty Dirty. Rappers such as:

David banner = Mississippi
Lil Flip = Texas
Lil Jon and Da East Side Boyz , Pastor Troy and Da Ying Yang Twins = ATL

2. A drink which cant be bought in Auz due to bull shit laws. Fukin John Howard and his Bull Shit Laws.
From MTV Cribs wit da Ying Yang Twins.
D-Roc or Ying: Drink Crunk juice if you wanna be like lil Jon and Say "Yea" "What"

From MTV Cribs wit da Ying Yang Twins.
Kain or Yang. Crunk Juice. It almost tastes like kool-aid.
by Scrilla aka Scrillz March 13, 2005