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Refers to the decision to stay in bed when you are too tired to get up and go to church.
“Bottom doesn’t go to church; he prefers mattress worship.”
by Bottom Ford April 17, 2010

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A ringing in the ears that sounds like a hovering mosquito, brought on by the anticipation that mosquitoes WILL begin to torment you just as you are dozing off.
I spent half the night swatting mosquitoes that weren’t there. Guess it was just mosquito tinnitus.
by Bottom Ford August 20, 2010

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The world’s best hiding place. You would never go there expecting to find someone interesting. Zero stalkers. Zero paparazzi. Zero vampires.
“I heard Matt Damon bought a house in Mill Creek, WA.”
“Smart move. No one will look for him there.”
by Bottom Ford May 04, 2010

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Language used only in the business world, to add verisimilitude to an otherwise spurious argument.
Bottom’s contribution at the managers meeting was pure business babble: “Only if we focus on our core competencies can be hope to appear impactful to our competitors.”
by Bottom Ford May 01, 2010

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1. The few words one knows in another language sufficient to start a fight.

2. A fight over the proper use of a word.
1. Bottom doesn’t speak Spanish; he only knows enough of the lingua fracas to get into trouble.

2. “ ‘Impact’ is a verb only in the lingua fracas.”
“You mean, like, when my fist impacts your face?”
by Bottom Ford May 01, 2010

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1. vegetables that have migrated so far north they have become frozen.
2. Any kind of frozen vegetable.
Bottom doesn’t have any fresh salad fixings, but he can serve veggie del norte anytime.
by Bottom Ford May 02, 2010

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Describes an unemployed friend who always has time for fun. This friend has a taste for luxury, but no money.
What does Bottom do for a living?
Nothing, man. He’s independently destitute.
by Bottom Ford June 12, 2009

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