23 definitions by Bottom Ford

Abrasion caused by contact with rocks/reef in a surfing accident.
"Dig Bottom's reef rash. He wiped out bad."
by Bottom Ford September 17, 2009
1. A utopian distiller of single-malt scotch that would be located on the Isle of Islay if it existed.

2. A figurative single-malt scotch that, when consumed by house pets, causes them to demand more treats and attention than they deserve.
Your dog won't keep his nose out of my dinner. He’s been hitting the Begmore too hard.”
by Bottom Ford January 3, 2010
One of those annoying virgins who is super-friendly
Bottom went to his class reunion, which had been organized by an extravirg with nothing better to do.
by Bottom Ford March 4, 2010
1. vegetables that have migrated so far north they have become frozen.
2. Any kind of frozen vegetable.
Bottom doesn’t have any fresh salad fixings, but he can serve veggie del norte anytime.
by Bottom Ford May 2, 2010
1. The title of Matt Damon’s new spy thriller.

2. May refer to any extraneous or inferior movie sequel.
“You seen that new Matt Damon flick?”

“The Bourne Redundancy? Derivative, man.”
by Bottom Ford March 14, 2010
A ringing in the ears that sounds like a hovering mosquito, brought on by the anticipation that mosquitoes WILL begin to torment you just as you are dozing off.
I spent half the night swatting mosquitoes that weren’t there. Guess it was just mosquito tinnitus.
by Bottom Ford August 21, 2010
1. The few words one knows in another language sufficient to start a fight.

2. A fight over the proper use of a word.
1. Bottom doesn’t speak Spanish; he only knows enough of the lingua fracas to get into trouble.

2. “ ‘Impact’ is a verb only in the lingua fracas.”
“You mean, like, when my fist impacts your face?”
by Bottom Ford May 2, 2010