23 definitions by Bottom Ford

1. The few words one knows in another language sufficient to start a fight.

2. A fight over the proper use of a word.
1. Bottom doesn’t speak Spanish; he only knows enough of the lingua fracas to get into trouble.

2. “ ‘Impact’ is a verb only in the lingua fracas.”
“You mean, like, when my fist impacts your face?”
by Bottom Ford May 01, 2010
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Refers to the decision to stay in bed when you are too tired to get up and go to church.
Bottom doesn’t go to church; he prefers mattress worship.”
by Bottom Ford April 17, 2010
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A hobby you spend hardly any time on, but that you claim because you bought the gear.
Bottom says he’s taken up bodyboarding, but it’s just a vacation micro hobby.
by Bottom Ford September 27, 2010
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The world’s best hiding place. You would never go there expecting to find someone interesting. Zero stalkers. Zero paparazzi. Zero vampires.
“I heard Matt Damon bought a house in Mill Creek, WA.”
“Smart move. No one will look for him there.”
by Bottom Ford May 04, 2010
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A ringing in the ears that sounds like a hovering mosquito, brought on by the anticipation that mosquitoes WILL begin to torment you just as you are dozing off.
I spent half the night swatting mosquitoes that weren’t there. Guess it was just mosquito tinnitus.
by Bottom Ford August 20, 2010
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1. A utopian distiller of single-malt scotch that would be located on the Isle of Islay if it existed.

2. A figurative single-malt scotch that, when consumed by house pets, causes them to demand more treats and attention than they deserve.
Your dog won't keep his nose out of my dinner. He’s been hitting the Begmore too hard.”
by Bottom Ford January 03, 2010
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An adjective to describe anything worth blushing about.
Bottom hardly ever does anything blushworthy, but last week he was sleeping too close to the edge and fell off the bed.
by Bottom Ford September 03, 2010
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