What the word "porno" sounds like if it's said repeatedly in quick succession.
The students started chanting "porno" to me, their IT teacher, whenever I entered the room ever since they caught me watching porn in class. When the principal visited one time, I used my quick wit to start chanting "no porn" back at them in order to make it sound like some strange rigorous vocal and preventative reciting exercise.... it didn't work.
by SpecialCookies June 9, 2011
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The only place where ugly fat men have sex with some of the most attractive girls on this plant. There seems to be a high correlation between being pretty and having a low IQ in porn. Some behaviors in porn are mysterious and have an unclear evolutionary explanation, like a girl sucking a penis that was just inside of her ass, or girls being attracted to pizza boys that make 10$ an hour.
by DopamineReceptors April 14, 2019
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Peas and corn mixed together in a bowl
by Funnygirlincanada March 31, 2019
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The reason your computer's running slow.
I watched some porn last night and it had 50-something pop-ups!
by ThePokemonGamer0 August 13, 2018
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The shit you watch cause your lonely as fuck
Im just so lonely I’m gonna go watch some porn
by Yaniggabob January 2, 2019
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The fuck are you doing searching "porn" up? You know full goddamn well what porn is, and you know you do.
I was watching the hardcore porn last night and my dick just started exploding with fuckin cum.
by definitelynotarapist August 7, 2017
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A video that after ejaculating to, you lose all interest in.
Chad: Hey Joe wanna have drinks with me and the guys?

Joe: Not now I'm watching porn!
by Poncho Rocketss February 17, 2009
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