Very small suburban town in southeastern Mass. Suburb of Brockton. Lots of apartments. No money, but the people don't care. The adults are working-class and friendly. Mostly conservative, but becoming more liberal. Voted Obama in 2012. The kids tend to be slackers and the girls tend to be slutty, but there are exceptions. Most people smoke weed. The chocolate chip cookie was invented there, but the restaurant burned down years ago. Always people walking around, no matter what time it is. Not much water, just an artificial lake in the center of town.
"Wanna walk to the basketball courts at 3 am?"
"Why not? We're from Whitman. I'll bring the weed and chocolate chip cookies."
by masstownrater December 22, 2013
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One of the smallest towns in Massachusetts.
Toll House Cookies were invented there. The drummer from Journey used to live there.
There's really nothing to do.
Nice school. Good place to raise kids... unless you're worried about them being hazed by the football team, becoming a chronic stoner or getting knocked up.
There is nothing else to do in the town other than get fucked, get fucked up, or go to Venus. Good pizza.
Person 1: I'm so fucking bored.
Person 2: Yeah, that will happen in Whitman.
by Whitmanite January 19, 2009
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A very attractive and funny guy. He is very friendly and nice to everyone and gets along with anyone. He's fit and is good at any sport. Once he finds something to do he doesn't give up on it. Also, known to be a very good kisser and lover. If you have a Whitman in your life he should be your boyfriend.
Did you see him? He is so a Whitman.
by Qwerty2437 September 22, 2013
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Whitman is a place of crackheads. Everyone there doesn’t shower and has no intelligence. No one successful is from Whitman besides poppy but look at her. AND THERES NO CUTE PEOPLE OMG like I’m Tryna date and no ones cute.
Bro: Are you from Whitman

Homeless man: Ya

Bro: I can tell
by Crackhead69420 October 16, 2019
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when something is cool or awesome etc..
Dude.. last night was totally Whitman...
by Charlie X December 12, 2006
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To beg for,Charity case, moocher, to leech or to panhandle, to

bum off of someone, to scrounge or to spongeoff one another
(Justin)" do you have any weed?" (Dino)"no you have to go

Whitman some from the guy down the road!!!"
by Jc3timberlake October 6, 2011
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what a call an extremely stingy JOO or Jew, who always ask for money in return of nothing.
That whitman with the huge ass nose won't lend me a dollar even though I've bought him sandwiches, soda, and nachos!
by MicCock June 8, 2009
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