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As virilent as bubonic plague and spreading like rats emerging from their lairs these undesirables are spawning a legion of illegitimate 'chavlets.'
Linger round Oldham Street & Piccadilly Gardens in Manchista and watch the 'chavometer' peak!
Low chav index before midday tho' as they're still in their pits!
Baying and snarling like a pack of jackals round a wounded prey,basball caps cocked at an angle they take everything out of the system but put tap-all back!
Render the bastards down!
Chavs ferried in at one end -melted tacky jewellry and Rockport residue exuding out of the other!!
Only Argos Jewellry counters and Cash Generators would miss them.

'Garot a chav today !
Keep the detritus at bay !!''
''I'm innocent !
I've dun nuffin Mr.Dibble !
I woz dumpin me load into one ov me bitches at that time.
Honest mate.
She'd bunked off skool.''
by Bod June 07, 2004
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The hobby of driving green lanes or unsurfaced roads usually with a 4x4 or trail motorcycle. Mainly UK English.
I am going out to do some laning today.
by Bod February 04, 2004
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A person, usually of the younger generation, lurking around on there P plates.
That penis plater just cut me off! What a prick
by BOD August 27, 2003
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A board on neopets for all the dumb, random people. But n00bs have taken over alot of it and we must stab them with taco shoes -_-
" Good God. Ems is dead tonight"
by Bod August 20, 2004
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when a lesbian lick's a clitoras
"im gonna flick your bean tonight darlin"
by bod July 09, 2004
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1) teh l337 g@yb0y!
2) Runs Oldo's gay hub on DC
OMG u f00kin OLDO!
by Bod September 05, 2003
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A male from the slumps of the south east. He usually struggles in every facet of his life. Is quite often a lurker and a minger. He also prefers the company of munters to hotties
That Slammer is kidding himself
by Bod September 01, 2003
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