1) occurs when you are invited to a wedding to which you accept the invitation and then dont show up.
I am going to "Ferry" Lewindowski's wedding in May."
by allazzerman December 11, 2003
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The act of seriously injuring one’s self whilst warming up to play sport. Usually the injury is sustained in the most pathetic way possible.
" I thought Paul was playing prop today?"
" He was but he did a Ferris playing touch and had to go to A&E"
by curlyabraham October 17, 2011
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To have a day off from work or school, either by sickness, holiday or skiving.

From the 80's film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Did you go to work today?

Nah, i was Ferrising
by Dwards August 25, 2005
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(v.) to transport internationally, or accross water.
I will ferry you.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
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To be 'Ferris' is;

To be the president of the world.
To be GREEN.
To put weights before mates.
To drink without a straw and eat your hamburger AFTER you eat your fries.
To bench a black hole.
To be huge.
To believe that weight and size is good.
To roam.
To have smaller arms than Mark.
Mark: "Look Ferris, you might have gotten a higher U.A.I than me, but my arms are still bigger than yours."

Harry: "Ferris' favourite colour is GREEN. But the real truth is that GREEN's favourite colour is actually Ferris."
by Sam Abdow March 3, 2007
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A male who is completely aware of his sexual prowess and uses this to constantly remind his friends of his superiority in attempts to lower their morale to create for him less competition and therefore more opportunity for himself to acquire attention from females eventually leading to sexual intercourse.
Ferris: Hey guys you wanna be my wingmen tonight?

Lewis: Ermm.... why are we your wingmen and your not ours?

Ferris: Maybe because there is no way even my help could get you laid, I on the other hand have much more chance
by iloveferris August 2, 2009
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Someone who is a jerk or dickhead that thinks hes edgy. They normally play fortnite and try to flex on people
He was such a ferry he kept on trying to flex his gucci on me.
by EpicFortniteTeam11LitXD March 1, 2019
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