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When you claim you dissapear, or you claim something is there, when it really isn't, due to it being imaginary, or you wishing you were imaginary.
Example 1 -
Person 1: You didn't lock your door, aren't you afraid someone is going to take it?

Person 2: No, it's in Unicorn Mode; no ones going to find it.

Example 2 -
Person 1: I have a million dollars, dude!

Person 2: No you don't... where is it?

Person 1: In Unicorn Mode, you can't see it but I can.
by BobbyBaja December 03, 2009

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The act of ones testicles shriveling up and getting hard due to the cold climate and weather.
Person 1: Dude, I'm getting a Ballrection
Person 2: Hard, tiny nuts?
Person 1: YEAH BRO!
by BobbyBaja December 12, 2009

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When Testicles are placed upon ones forehead and using the warmth
Person 1: I got two heaters, they work well.

Person 2: Oh? Do they now...?

Person 1: Yeah! These testicles are SO warm on my face.
by BobbyBaja December 05, 2009

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The act of holding up your head with your palm, knuckles, or hand in general. A position used for falling asleep in school, at the job, or just a sign of boredom.
Person 1 : You look comfortable!

Person 2 : Yeah, I set up an armshelf!


Person : I'm comfortable

by BobbyBaja December 10, 2009

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The act of having horribly smelling armpits.

Pronounced, Pit-i-tus, or pit-itus.
Person 1: Holy shit you smell like balls.

Person 2: Sorry, I have a bad case of pititus.

Person 1: It's cool bro.
by BobbyBaja December 11, 2009

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The act of saying something very stupid, when the apparent choice is no longer present in the given situation.
For Instance...
Person 1: What the hell man, negative 28 isn't on there!

Person 2, 3, 4, 5: It never was... LOL ROFL BRO
by BobbyBaja December 20, 2009

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The act of post-sexual activity, after engaging in an orgasm, and forgetting what happened before the nocturnal emission, and/ or ejaculation, occurred.
Person 1: So I was fucking my wife, right? And then we stopped, and I wanted left overs for dinner, but forgot what we had! Damn Cumnesia.

Person 2: Dude I know what you mean, bro!
by BobbyBaja December 20, 2009

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