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A human being who believes that the most harmonious state of affairs would be for all to get a fair shot at financial sucess. This belief is not motivated by his own selfishness as a capitalist would have you think, but is in actuality an honorable difference of opinion. In the 1930's farmers in the mid west were plowing their corn under because it was unprofitable, and at the same time millions across America were starving. Capitalists see this as logical, while socialists find it abhorrent. In short, socialism is about production for use, not profit.
Everyone calls me a socialist because I think universal health care is more important than Ross Perot having 28 cars.
by Blunt Roller May 12, 2005

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The GNU/Linux distro for Open Source purists. It contains only software that is free as in speech and free as in beer. Takes more work to configure after install than Ubuntu but it also doesn't have any bugs or stability issues. It doesn't have the "bleeding edge" applications but it also doesn't crash and everything just works. Every time they release a new Ubuntu I get tempted and sometimes even install it on my desktop. But my media server stays in good ole Debian. Simply the best example of free software on the planet. Install Debian 5.0 "Lenny" today and you won't be sorry.
You're using Windows XP? No wonder your computer crashed and you lost all of your work. Switch to Debian and you won't be sorry.
by Blunt Roller June 08, 2009

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Emo band from New Jersey that often juxtaposes dark lyrical themes with catchy, pop-influenced rock music. Known for the talents of their acne-scarred singer/songwriter front man Chris Conley. A varied line up has produced a collection of albums that range from radio friendly to angsty post-punk. After their major label debut "In Reverie" was a flop they went back to indie label Vagrant Records and haven't look back since. They sound better than ever and have written some amazing songs. Conley has recently collaborated with Say Anything's Max Bemis on a side project entitled Two Tongues.
The first time I saw Saves The Day they opened for Hot Water Music at the Duke Coffee Shop. They were supposed to play Cat's Cradle but Smashing Pumpkins came to town unexpectedly and bumped them.
by Blunt Roller May 17, 2009

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The political views espoused by the open source and free software movements.
I know more about politux now because I converted the school's computer lab to linux.
by Blunt Roller May 11, 2009

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A dream in which the dreamer interacts with a social networking website or conducts other web 2.0 activities.
Last night I dreamed that I was updating my facebook status via my cell phone. Total Dream 2.0!
by Blunt Roller May 09, 2009

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Unlike the definition that cites these countries as being part of the middle east, anyone with a map knows that they are in fact Central Asian countries. Perhaps the fact that these people "hate America" is because of people like the previous definer who don't even know what part of the world they are located in. I am not pro-poor former Soviet Republic county either, but at least I know where they are located
Trashcanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East. Get a clue.
by Blunt Roller August 20, 2008

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When you're browsing facebook and see a status update and then 15 seconds later your twitter application announces that you have a new tweet which is of course your friend's facebook update that is tied into twitter.
I saw Jason's facebook status update and then a minute later twitux told me he had updated. Deja tweet.
by Blunt Roller May 18, 2009

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