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An internet-based Bulletin Board in which members can post thoughts and views. Based on the Roman word 'forum'.
Forums have a general hierachy:
Global Moderators
Local Moderators
Premium or Paying Members
Validating Members
Banned Members
They are alsp a popular target of hackers and crackers and a paradise for spammers etc.
Bob: 'My Cheese Forums rock! I have... 3 members!'
Bill: 'Wow, my Gaming Cheat Forums have 1003... no... 1005!'

Admin: 'The new General Chat Forum is out!'
Spammers: 'Yay!!!'
Lead Spammer: *&79847394737xjfdlshf345740rscxjds!!! OMG!!!
Global Moderator 1: 'You take the Sub-Forum, I'll take the main!'
Moderator 2: 'Yes Sir!'
*The sounds of warns and bans can be heard above the spam*
by BlueFladoo July 26, 2006
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A delicous lolly that comes in many flavours Has a really annoying pattern on the wrapper..
"Here is 70p, go get yourself a Cola Chupa Chup!"
by BlueFladoo August 11, 2006
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A website created by Jonti Pickingwhich contains may animations by him and the staff of the site. A different sie to Weebl Jolt.
1.'Aaah, there is a new toon on Weebls-Stuff!'
by BlueFladoo July 24, 2006
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A spatula-like cooking implement with holes in, used for flipping fish and frying other things.
Bob: 'My spatula just won't turn that fish!'
Bill: 'Use a fishslice!'
by BlueFladoo July 24, 2006
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2.A non-alacholic drink made with spices and herbs.
'Wow, Anne, you shaw do look purdy today'
'Oi, Bob, give me a purdy!'
by BlueFladoo August 03, 2006
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