A chat room on Neopets that was once a legendary gathering place for fun-loving, open-minded people.
Unfortunetly, the creators of Neopets (Adam and Donna) gave way under pressure and decided that they would like their site to become the new Pokemon. They soon began the sick process of "cuteification", thus alienating their original fan base of bored college and high school students. In the process, they REMOVED the GC, then replaced it with pathetic new chat rooms so stuffed with unnecessary features that they loaded too slowly to allow the natural flow of conversation.
You will find former regs of the GC dispersed among the internet. Try looking on Sensipets, for a start.
The Doctor will probably recommend this post for deletion because he is a cretin troll.
by Goldfish February 26, 2005
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A channel of the MRT Discord Server. A free for all arena, a place for new people to start their 1st message in MRT discord.
Be prepared to get flamed if you say anything wrong or attempting to start a fight. The most toxic channel of the server, and the most entertaining one to watch
by MRTDISCORDSERVER December 10, 2020
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A chat board found on neopets. These are the things they talk about (in short forms with tonnes of emoticons, of course):

1: musical groups that sing about teen angst
2: bf/gf dumping them
3: How they hate their life
4: What stereotypical group is better
1: OMG OMG!!! :) :) :) LP vs GC!!!!!!
2: My bf dumped me... :) :( :( share my sadness. NOW!@!#@´##ERYU#^%@!~~!~~~~
3: IM 9, pregnant, no bf, i wanna kill myself, whats sex?, come in here and say "be happy!" and i will cheer up.
by Seenus September 02, 2003
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1) The general idiot congregation place on Neopets. People here chatspeak and often try to get dates online. (It was deleted over a year ago. It has faded into legend... and now the stupid people are in all the other boards. EMS, I miss the days when I could visit (on an old tour bus, no less) and _not_ see "ONG R U GAWF?!?11!?")

2) (another form of the word - Neopets GC'ers) One who goes to the Neopets General Chat. Some are chatspeaking lovesicks or child molesters.
1) Ohmigod, you actually WENT INTO GENERAL CHAT?! That place has too much chatspeak and stupidity!

2) omg h1 im a gcer!!11!one! u wanna makeout
by Naru March 27, 2005
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#general-chat but now with embed perms.

Shitposting for everyone with arguements

Place for the unfunny shitposts by skips and some people with 0 iq
take this to #general-chat-2 pls
by MRTDISCORDSERVER December 10, 2020
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1. A male who offers little welcome input into otherwise interesting conversations.

2. A male who interrupts a person's conversation, and whose interruption, although to him appearing useful, is not regarded as such by his peers.
Person 1: You know there's this guy i heard about...(continues for many long minutes)...hand side of the road!

Person 2: Thank you general bad chat.
by Lord Liger March 23, 2005
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The worst place in the server. Can be compared to the Wild West, where anything is possible, no matter how fucked up it is.
Wtf are ya’ll talking about?
Don’t worry it’s just general-chat
by Wtfamilookingat July 04, 2020
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