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When a girlfriend or potential girlfriend consciously decides to be really high-maintenance and a pain in the ass just so they can sound all "If you can't deal with me, then you ain't right for me" sassy n shit.
X: Hey man, why you look so bummed?
Y: My girlfriend is being so fucking bitchy lately, but I think she's doing it on purpose. She wasn't a bitch before.
X: Looks like she's got the Diva Complex. There's no hope for your sorry ass.
by Blender Fuck July 24, 2011
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A series of farts so powerful that they have the ability to create their own air current.
Those fiber granola bars are gonna cause some serious anal winds up in dis bitch.

"People say the tornado in Oklahoma was caused by Rosie O'Donnell's anal winds!"
by Blender Fuck December 27, 2008
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A way to express how fucked up you are in a manner that is as fucked up as you are. Fuktup being more percussive resembles the lazy-tongued hard-syllabled speech a drunk person would have. To you, a drunk person is fucked up. To him, "I'm fuggin fuktup!".
630:Hey man. How's that party?


630:I'll be there in 10.
by Blender Fuck February 03, 2011
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When two people keep poking one another back and forth like two fencers in a close match.
Kate poked me. Poke back? Hell yes. I am so Facebook Fencing this bitch.
by Blender Fuck August 05, 2010
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Twitching is when a person updates their status on Twitter ridiculously frequently.
3:05pm - Brandon is bored.
3:15pm - Brandon is eating pudding.
3:32pm - Brandon is excited for Crank 2.
3:45pm - Brandon wants the work day to end.
3:58pm - Brandon is clockin'out and off to the movies.

Me and everyone else - Brandon needs to stop goddamn twitching.
by Blender Fuck April 18, 2009
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