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1. (noun) a person who can go several days to a week between evacuating feces at which time the evacuation is often forceful, voluminous and time consuming. The resultant evacuation typically fills the toilet bowl and requires more than one flush if it can be flushed at all.
"Dude, did you see the toilet in the bathroom? Bill just used it and filled it with shit...He's such a poo camel"
"My brother hasn't gone to the bathroom in like a week...then again that is usually often he goes. He's like a camel is with water...in fact a 'poo' camel"
by Blaze It Up! April 15, 2008

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1. Name given to a person who is politically or ethically beyond reproach or immune to adverse consequences.
"I can't believe Mathilde, she sits there all day surfing the web and doesn't get into trouble with the boss...I check my e-mail and instantaneously I am in trouble. She is totally the sacred cow in this office"
by Blaze It Up! April 04, 2008

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1. Slang term for penis when pleasured orally, especially if by a girl named 'Molly'
Look at Melissa, she's hitting on that guy, hoping to give some loving to his mollypop
by Blaze It Up! April 25, 2008

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Simultaneous existence of a FAIL in every situation determined to be a WIN and vice versa: An inviolable law of nature.
1)Morning report proceeded like any other, tons of 'monday-morning-quaterbacking', political posturing and the occasional passive aggressive meltdown. It was definitely an entertainment WIN but a time managment FAIL. It was Miller's Law in action.

2)Buffalo Chicken Wings: Gastronomic WIN but Weight Management FAIL. Leave it to Miller's Law to ruin a perfectly good food.
by Blaze It Up! October 26, 2010

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1. transmission of a message or plan that must be made to all levels in the chain of command as well as horizontally before any action can be taken or deliberation made
2. the many levels of communication that an order or plan must go through on a medical or surgical service such that the original meaning of or teaching significance is absolutely useless
3. calling your senior resident for explanation of something that is self evident or could be garnered from closer inspection of the chart
"I am so sick of this shit...I'm trying to get this patient intubated and I spend more time doing pancommunication with the senior resident and attending than at the bedside taking care of the patient"
by Blaze It Up! April 21, 2008

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(noun) An exceedingly large double chin, such that it hangs down with a clear intertriginous region. Similar in morphology to 'pannus'.
Much of the thyroidectomy was difficult due to the pendulous channus we had to contend with. The fold of skin nearly obscured the operative field and became tethered to the derma-bond at the close of the case.
by Blaze It Up! August 16, 2011

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term used describe a male getting in touch with his feminine or sensitive side
Female: You have way too much testosterone. You act like such a dude. It's kind of a turn-off if you're really looking to have a girlfriend

Male: That's ridiculous. I am just fine being a manly jerk.

Female: You really need to flower it up.
by Blaze It Up! November 09, 2010

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