1. A Player who is so incrediblys sexy and fly
2.Hell take your money faster then hell take yo girl(Dats pretty fast!)
3.Hes a mans man, a baller, and he pretty much owns every body
4.If something is brasilian dat means it was amazing, very player, very sexy, or very baller
I just had 8 girls on makin out n...on me.
Dats not brasilian if that number was changed a little bit like add a 1 in front and a 1 in back(181). Now dats brasilian
by BRASIL September 28, 2006
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The cooler way of saying Brazilian the way Brazilians do instead of using the z just use an s
I love Brasilians they r so sexy !
by Klinkhammer January 2, 2019
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Someone who will look you dead in the eyes whilst they play Meme songs on a piano
Steve: Hey man, play me uhh, Sandstorm
Brasilian: *Looks at Steve with the almighty death stare*
by Triggered_Omastar March 26, 2018
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Brasilian flu means someone had a FACELIFT (Because that country is know for it's plastic surgery.)
Her face look like hamburger, she got the Brasilian flu!
by rere duce December 24, 2014
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