A term meaning the removal of pubic hair, along the bikini line, using melted wax and long cloth strips. The wax is applied to the area, laying the cloth strip on top. The cloth strip is pulled forcefully, ripping the hair out by the root.
Sally went to the salon for a bikini wax to get ready for the swim meet.
by Rob Blaize October 03, 2005
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1 : a warmed pliable substance used in the removal of unwanted pubic hair growth

2 : a well-groomed groin, especially in women

Synonyms : weasel frosting, bacon strip

(Etymology : bikini : French, from Bikini atoll; wax : Middle English, from Old English weax)
Her bikini wax grew back.
by Emme December 06, 2003
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pubic hair wax;also used by males who wear bikinis and want hair-free nuts and crotch
Since Tyrone started using bikini wax his crotch skin was as soft as a baby's. His dates were happy not to have pubes in their mouths when they were forced to deepthroat the eleven inch pole.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005
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The act of dowsing one's pubic hair with scotch whisky and setting alight. Mentiond by Willy in The Simpsons s13e07 "It burns like a Glascow Bikini Wax!"
Duncan: "So did you get her to go for a Brazilian Wax?"
Malcom: "Nah, but I did the next best thing. After the bar she passed out by the toilet so I grabbed the whiskey and Zippo and let it rip..."
Duncan: "A Glasgow Bikini Wax?!...Rude"
by Bdamn October 15, 2010
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when one cuts off their pubic hair for later use to be made into a faux beard for a friend, without their friend knowing.
"its sandys birthday, what are you getting her?"
"i decided to be creative, im going to give her a russian bikini wax."
"shit thats such a good idea, i was just going to give her sandals."
by fuckmelikeablackman October 17, 2009
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verb. when a female in her birthday suit approaches a bonfire and singes off all her Va Jay J hiar.
Did you see Heather perform her anual Bellevegas bikini wax last night. I still smell the burnt hair, and i bet that Va Jay J is blistered.
by DaStalka May 28, 2010
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