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Mathilde is a gorgeous girl. She has a stunning personality and everyone is attracted to it. She has the most beautiful smile, that has the ability to stop your heart beating in your chest. She has beautiful golden hairand always smells so good. She has such a big heart and is one of the most caring people you will ever meet in your life. She brings happiness wherever she goes. Some people see how amazing she is and wants her all to themselves.She is like a diamond. So beautiful. So precious. So sought out for. If you ever find Mathilde, treasure her with every ounce of your being. Always let her know you love her because she generally doesn’t realise things unless you say it to her or are very obvious. Mathilde is the girl you love the most when you are with her. She is also the one you miss the most when you are away from her. Mathilde is always full of energy and everyone has fun when they spend time with her. It’s very easy to get addicted to her because she is a breath of fresh air and so caring. If you find a Mathilde keep her close to your heart. Don’t take her for granted. If you are in love with Mathilde. Treat her like a queen, because she really is one. Never forget how precious she is. Never forget to tell her how beautiful she is, even though she may not believe you. And never forget to tell her how much you truly love her.
That girl is such a Mathilde. She’s precious, don’t let her go.
by TeDdAY June 11, 2018
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She is an amazing girl she is deadly beautiful but she doesn't use it against people every guy she knows has a secret crush on her she is smart and classy if you know her or date her you are a very lucky person her smile is one of the most beautiful ones. Every time you see her you should feel happy .She has one of the best personalities she can easily keep your deepest darkest secrets, you can trust her with your life.she is usually very hyper. she is also very popular
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by Ms emma June 15, 2017
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She is the girl whom every guy has a secret crush on. She is deadly beautiful but she isn't the type who knows it and uses it against both guys and girls. She is a girl of her words and she has them in her power and uses them well. She is a type of girl who easily could be lesbian or bisexuel because she falls in love with the personality, not the sex.

She is 17 and she is far from in-between
everybody look Mathilde is comming
omg she is so Mathilde today
by fimreand October 19, 2010
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a highly mature, intellectual girl who uses too big of words and never uses slang. is usually very upfront and agressive (mentally!!)
Omg she is such a mathilde.
by kllanz November 30, 2006
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Some coffee, tea, or any drinkable liquid you accidently spill over yourself. Usually your shirt is white and you'll keep the stain for ever. A mathilde always happens to the same kind clumsy and dreamy people, while they are doing something else and not paying attention. But it looks kinda sexy.
omg, you just poured a mathilde
by Mathou December 03, 2010
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A goddess to earth, the prettiest of all. She is super smart, she has tons of friends, she has problems with her parents so often sleeps at her friend's house. She has siblings and her family is recomposed. Everyone likes Mathilde, she's the popular girl of the school even tho the "popular kids" aren't her real friends. Mathilde is also amazing in music, she can sing and learn a lot of instrument. She's on a lot of sports team. She has the best personality anyone could ask.
by moisturizer111111111 June 14, 2018
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