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A Japanese indie game focused around running the kind of item shop present in the majority of RPG games.

The plot focuses on a young girl named Recette Lemongrass who's father suddenly decided to become an adventurer and went off to fight a dragon on top of a volcano... yeah not the best parenting.

Not long after his disappearence a loan shark fairy named tear shows up to start collection on an outstanding debt from Recette's father. Recette being unable to pay the debt believes she will have to forfeit the house so Tear strikes her a deal. They convert the first floor of her house into an item shop which has regular payments for the debt cut from it's profits.

As far as gameplay goes this is a unique and interesting experience mixing a haggling system and item crafting with some RPG dungeon areas which the player can loot for goods to sell with the help of adventurers. Available in English on steam this 2006 game is rapidly gaining popularity and has been reviewed by a few reasonable large names on youtube including Jesse Cox and is well worth the time it takes to play.
Guy: Recettear is a cool game have you tried it

COD N00b: Is it part of call of duty or halo?

Guy: No it's an RPG and shop game abo-

COD N00b: It's not call of duty or halo so it sucks

Guy: But-

COD N00b: NO, everyone knows call of duty and halo are the pinical of gaming and the only good videogames ever made forever.

Guy:... your a douchebag n00b
by Blarny September 08, 2012
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