Blood harvested from the innocent oranges
Dude, I feel kinda bad drinking this orange juice, but it's just so delicious!
by skyebluedestiny February 5, 2011
To completely destroy a piece of technology through the spilling of orange juice
Sorry guys, I can't play with you, I orange juiced my computer
by RaccoonOverlord February 16, 2015
It's some tasty water filled with the flavor of oranges. Often drank in the morning, when eating breakfast. It is made when you put some pressure on these little creatures called oranges, because they pee everytime they're scared.
"Yo, Bro. You want Orange juice to breakfast?" "No bruh. That's kinda cringe. I only drink Milk"
by kyleMLS June 3, 2020
Orange Juice is the holiest drink in the religion known as sherwinism
oh I could really use some Orange Juice
by Pope Sherwin April 20, 2019
The code word some girls use for when they are on thier period. May also be referred to as "Juicing" or "On Orange." This phrase is mostly used because, since blood is red and not orange, it is more difficult for eavesdroppers to understand what the conversation is really about.
Kate: Ugh, I have some major cramps...
Sandra: What's the matter? Are you sick or something?
Kate: Nah, I'm just having some "Orange Juice" problems.
Sandra: Oh, I get it! That totally sucks.
by Bloody*Rose October 29, 2008