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To completely destroy a piece of technology through the spilling of orange juice
Sorry guys, I can't play with you, I orange juiced my computer
by RaccoonOverlord February 15, 2015
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nectar from the gods themselves
So I woke up and expected to get a glass of orange juice like I always do, but my roomate's whore of a girlfriend drank all of it, infuriated, I did what anyone would do in that situation.......I came in her oatmeal of course :)

"Good Morning Delilah, How's Breakfast :D"
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The juice from a ginger. What a redhead spews when he cums.

*cum ejaculate liquid gold
Sue: you know that ginger Stan?
Barbara: yea, what about him?
Sue: I was bored so I gave him one helluva bj and was surprised with a mouthful of Orange juice. It was as tasty as could be!
by Kel-Kan April 07, 2016
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1. any juice, generally of the color orange.

2. juice gathered from oranges, with or without pulp
1. that juice over there is orange, but does not contain oranges.

2. may i have a glass of orange juice?
by frsky August 01, 2007
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