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A meth addicts replacement for a nutritious lunch.

The Meth Lunches: The Care and Feeding of a Drug Addict is also a book by Kim Foster

It's a piece about how food matters, but how it can't fix everything. It's about meth addiction and struggling without winning, and torn-up families and broken people.
Craving for meth lunches, want to eat some
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets February 3, 2020
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I Really Dont Fucking Care Are You Retarded

Your opinion of my hair? IRDFCAYR!!!
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets February 18, 2020
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Short for free contraband, and free giveaway / selling of any marijuana, cocaine or xanax.
Hey, i have a freebands for party later.
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets January 22, 2020
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calling someone then telling them that their fucked up!
tripping someone up on call!
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets February 25, 2020
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The act of being a cool person on the hood...
Hey carl is the hoodrixho .!
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets February 24, 2020
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"Slime Love At All Times" a PRAISE towards good and famous rappers of all time.. sometimes use with a snake emoji to represent SLIME.

can also be SLATT which means "Slime Love All The Time"
by BlackGuyWhoHasSecrets February 15, 2019
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