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word meaning Dumb hoe and leech of life
my that hasty just busted me to Mr. Badley
by Bishop October 06, 2004
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a name for any rich white guy that is also a little fag.
"your clothes dont match man, you little Ragamuffin!"
"shut the fuck up sir fagmire the third, you little bitch!"
by Bishop March 18, 2004
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A Red haired man with a mild form of retardation. Can be used as an explative, or in combination with japan and fish to further add confusion to a conversation.
Rumpy! Japan fish!!!

Rumpy fish!!

Rumpy fish japan!!!
by Bishop March 06, 2005
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Pronunciation: tek-'tä-nik
Etymology:Late Latin tectonicus, from Greek tektonikos of a builder. Modified usage by Warren of Pittsburgh, 2003 A.D.
:stellar, hip, fashionable
Orogeny is tectonic or that '63 Lambretta scooter with Jet 200 kit and flame job is tectonic.
by bishop July 08, 2003
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to hack, ban, or deface someone in any matter be it a game, chatroom, or any other setting
<Stevie> man fucking assholes keep pming me
<Johnnycub> Stevie if I were you i would shut the fuck up before you realy piss some one off and get lamerd
by Bishop November 25, 2004
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The word describes a kissing noise, usually used in cellphone text messages or in IRC.
Bye hun. luv u, mpaw.
by Bishop April 07, 2005
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Usually screamed aloud in the ingame chat or in ones home.
omgz0rz, he is hacking!
by Bishop February 06, 2003
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