69 definitions by Billy Bob

expression used when showing displeasure in an event or individual
"you failed geometry"
by Billy Bob December 13, 2002
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Very homosexual, queer, gay.
Mr. YamaLlama was very gay.
by Billy Bob June 16, 2004
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a phrase that people say when big steroid pumping mofos walk past them
waar-hoo, what is is good for, (aahhhaaa)absolutely nothing.....
by Billy Bob April 16, 2003
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Shaner I'd like to fuck.
I wanna bang Kbrittany like an African Drum in her Supra.
by Billy Bob October 18, 2004
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originally the sound Link makes as he swings his sword in the Legend of Zelda; the word has now come to mean almost anything; it can be used as "hello", "goodbye", "what's up?" or even, "that shiznit is wack"
Jon: Yo what's up?
Brandon: Aya sheya!!!
by Billy Bob October 03, 2004
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An Anchent God, Said to always ride into battle on the back of a Black Dragon (even though he had dragon wings of his own) and never lost a battle he was in.
Moonshadow is coming to kill you
by billy bob April 12, 2005
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a white suburban kid who thinks he is under the misconception that he is "gangsta"
Look at that white kid with the do-rag and fubu on....what a fucking yo.
by Billy Bob October 30, 2003
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