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nubbie is a nickname derived from newb or noob, which are both derived from newbie

this word is a very annoying insult but is easily addicting, so even if you're annoyed with it, you'll probably end up saying it also, pronounced as "nuh-bee"
'hahah you lost, you're such a nubbie'

'you stupid nubbie! you're so newblike you dumb dumb nubbie!'

'tehehe, he's a nubbie!'
by kirk_91 June 24, 2005
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NuBBie (Noun)

1. UnBorn Infant

2. Baby

3. Little Brother or Sister

4. Sibling

5. Loving Nickname for Child /or Baby

6. Small Child Name for His or Her UnBorn Sibling

7. "Abbreviation"

N (Not a)

u (Ugly)

BBie (Baby)
1. Little Kadee loves her Baby Sister, NuBBie.

2. Kadee calls her unborn Sibling, NuBBie.

3. Are you taking Kadee & her Baby Brother, NuBBie to the park?
by Kadee Raye November 03, 2009
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noun; A partially smoked cigarette that was put out and will be re-used usually found on the side of the road or ashtrays(or on roofs or in narnia). Usually little kids under 18 who cant obtain ciggarettes on a regular basis somoke nubbies a lot.

verb; the action in which you clip or put out a smoked cigarette

adj; used to describe anything small or used

simmilar words; nub, nubzie, baby nubzie, daddy nubzie
Emily- "i wanna dow so bad"
Julie- "i dont have any"
Megan- "me neither, michelle wont fucken give me any niggaports, neithether will dean"
Joanna- "Hey, i got some nubbies from Shaws!!"

"Julie, dont waste that i only have 3 left. Nubbie it and we can have it on my roof later"

lets go on a nubzie hunt.. no actually we cant it just rained
by MiLLZBURY && PUMPKiN July 02, 2006
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