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1. adj. Pertaining to a flagrant homosexual action.

2. noun. A sauce made by a person that is homosexual.
"Dammit Jeff! Keep your eyes on your own urinal. You're being hella gaysauce."

Elton John garnished his spaghetti with a touch of gaysauce made from his Grandmother's old recipe.
by Benjamin February 26, 2005
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1. Gay Sauce is worse than calling someone Gay. Gay Sauce is basically someone thats so pathetic they are beyond Gay...they're pretty much oozing out Gay Sauce.

2. Gay Sauce is also a creamy substance (not going into to much detail) excreated from a Gay man on or to another Gay man.

3. When something is going so badly, especially in a video game, you just have to get it because its total Gay Sauce.
1. HAHAHAHAHA noob you're total gay sauce!!

2. Dude this game just got Gay Sauce, I'm outta here!
by V0LAT1LE April 05, 2005
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1) a special concoction of jizz, piss, mucus and green diarrhea; obtained at one's coming out party at the new moon; the natural pheremones that come from the sauce are a formidable smell that stings the nostrils; is enough to turn the manliest of men gay.

2) sugar, spice, and everything nice. makes the perfect mama's boy.

side effects include: nonstop smiling and an unavoidable lisp that develops upon ingestion. all side effects are irreversible.
1) yo that gay sauce turned ronnie gay in a matter of seconds

2) >dude did you just swallow some gay sauce? your lisp is pretty bad.

by dr.iloveitupthebutt May 18, 2010
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Gay man cum,. Also used to describe something that is "gay" or otherwise stupid or lame.
Person1: Did you read that stupid joke posted on eBaums?
Person2: Yeah, gaysauce.
by PreparationH67 April 27, 2008
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