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A false cognate which, when spoken in Latin America or Spain means "how many," but in the United States refers to something equivalent in revulsion to a large, steaming pile of rotting dog feces.
"Oh, damn. I just stepped into a big steaming pile of quantas."

After sucking a fart from the bum's asshole, Ben exclaimed, "Ewwww, quantas!"
by BenTheGrate November 30, 2009
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Delicate, lacy, fairy-like strands of foecal matter which hold individual turds to the inner lining of the large intestine and/or colon.
"Damn, girl, the inside of yo ass be coated with fecal mousse."

" 'Food and pussy, fella,' said the leader of the turds, now barely clinging to the wall by one pseudopod of fecal mousse..." -Jonathan Franzen in THE CORRECTIONS
by BenTheGrate November 30, 2009
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The broth that comes from slow-cooked beans, of any variety, which may or may not have been cooked with pork. Ideally consumed from a mug, like coffee. Succinctly: bean broth.
"Mom just made a big crock pot of beans. I call first dibs on the whee whoo."
by BenTheGrate July 21, 2019
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adj. An aromatic quality reminiscent of feces or flatulence.
"Damn, bro, after those tacos, my chonies be pootulent!"
by BenTheGrate December 19, 2016
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or, more properly, foecal beef.

n. The fetid substance within the colon that is the result of the digestion, or partial digestion, of a large slab of beef.
"Dude, I ate the biggest fucking steak of my life last night, and now my insides are exploding with fecal beef."

"Honey, what did you have for dinner at that convention last night? The toilet is clogged with foecal beef."
by BenTheGrate November 30, 2009
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