A false cognate which, when spoken in Latin America or Spain means "how many," but in the United States refers to something equivalent in revulsion to a large, steaming pile of rotting dog feces.
"Oh, damn. I just stepped into a big steaming pile of quantas."

After sucking a fart from the bum's asshole, Ben exclaimed, "Ewwww, quantas!"
by BenTheGrate November 30, 2009
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Quanta: (plural for quantum) are packets of this sub-atomic energy. Quanta are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter. It is measurable and immeasurable, real and not real, visible and not visible... all at the same time – inherently dualistic. It is completely "opposite", physical and non-physical, in the same place, space and time, contrary to the current classical laws of physics. The quantum world creates the physical world.
The mind communicates directly with quanta
Quanta are entangled; everything is quanta; everything is entangled
"dude those quanta got me some tastey cookies"
by JessaBoo February 16, 2007
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A good band that sounds kinda like green day but a little heavier at times. They are very political and always singing about good stuff not breaking up with a girlfriend like most bands do these days. they sing about how the government is screwing them over because the dont want to be conformists and how its not fair people are rich for no reason and attack status symbols and populatity. The are anti-capitalism and pro anarchy (I think) and want to help the poor and stuff like that. Such nice guys.
good band with good lyrcs
by unknown goddess December 27, 2005
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