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Butterface is a sexual term when you perform cunnilingus on a woman and she cums so hard when you get up your face is glazed over with her juices
when i got up after licking her pussy , i had a butterface
by BellasaurusTheJust August 23, 2019
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a pro wrestler and pedophile who killed his son and wife before offing himself and now resides in the 666th level of Hell with Michael Jackson and other pedophile scumbags
Chris Benoit was a pedophile because he killed his kid
by BellasaurusTheJust November 24, 2018
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feckless a verb not giving a feck therefore he or she is feckless
Johnny is a felon and does not give a feck about the presidential election in 2020

He is a feckless fucker
by BellasaurusTheJust June 29, 2019
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On Storage Wars one of the buyers would refer to crappy lockers as crusty plush meaning it had some stuff that was worthwhile but it was also either filthy or disgusting
that locker was crusty plush , a bunch of used mattresses and bags of trash
by BellasaurusTheJust September 25, 2020
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the signature catch phrase of pro wrestling manager and commentator Jim Cornette

as in Vince Russo is a shitstain Thank You Fuck You Bye
by BellasaurusTheJust June 29, 2019
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the phenomena in Dungeons and Dragons , where players and Dungeron Masters are never able to live up to the incredible kills of Matt Mercer , The DM GOD
Because of The Matt Mercer Effect , many people have quit playing Dungeons and Dragons because they unable to live up to the awesomeness of Matt Mercer
by BellasaurusTheJust June 28, 2021
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noun a person who blindly believes everything the tangerine tribble says . They will typically be right wing Christian conservatives who think women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen . They often subscribe to the belief that anyone who is not whiter than wonder bread should go back where they came from even if that is their own country. Most are fans of Professional Wrestling and believe it is legitimate and real like the tangerine toddler . They believe that there should not be abortions but think any kind of gun control to keep people from shooting up kids that are here is the worst thing ever. Most of all they think any criticism of Donald Trump is akin to blasphemy and that anyone who does so should be hung for treason.
Did you see the Trumpanzees on Fox News sticking up for that mysoginistic pedophile motherfucker
by BellasaurusTheJust August 23, 2019
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