48 definition by Becca

the term "tap that like a maple tree" means that you want to "tap that" (slap that, touch that, get that...etc) as you would tap a maple tree for syrup (goodness). used to express desire towards a person, place, thing, goat...etc.
((an attractive person walks by))

you say to yourself, your friend, or the lonely-looking street cone, "damn, i wanna tap that like a maple tree!!"
by becca May 25, 2004

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Liverpool slang for 'great'
'That re-make of Texas Chainsaw Masacre is boss!!'
by Becca December 04, 2004

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A queen of the chav ones. She is the ruler, queen bee, wateva really. She has the power, as shes is the 'chav-est' of her groupies. Anyone wishing to become a Chav Queen should become an intermediate at the 'blingin language' and get used to the chav words and 'get wiv da bling, u dig mate?'
yeah wel i sed 2 her innit mate...if i need 2, y'kno...innit innit innit m8...*then you just start blabbering on for a few hours about how hes a 'fucklin cunt' etc....innitinnitinnit*
by Becca December 01, 2004

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german for dad
i love my vati!
by becca January 03, 2004

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noun: derived from the word "sick", a sickophant is someone that "sickifies" something... ie. makes something perfectly normal and innocent filthy and often sexual.
1. Alec is a sickophant
2. OMG, why do you have to sickify everything i say, you are such a sickophant
by Becca April 22, 2005

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a term meant to be used in a playful manner, but also has its uses in the derogatory. "like your face" means that something is similar in appearance, or feeling taken from experience to your face..
"Courtney Love is a slut."

"I am so bored."
by Becca May 08, 2005

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What's up..what's goin on?
1: Yo, Hompie, what's poppin?
2: Nuttin much, G Slice.
by Becca April 09, 2004

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