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Incorrect way of pronouncing THE Ohio State University.
Guy 1: So I was visiting Ohio State Unive--
Guy 2: Whoa whoa whoa whoa now. You mean you were visiting THE Ohio State University
Guy 1: Whatever. And they had this pool
Guy 2: No, repeat the sentence correctly.
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: Do it.
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Motherfucker, you wanna get laid out?
Guy 1: I was visiting THE Ohio State University.
by Beanstalker March 10, 2011

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Beautiful dark skinned man. Member of the fabled Swag Alliance. Known to get high and get buck, and has a number of bitches on his dick. Everyone loves him. Everyone wants him around all day. Everyone wishes to be him.
Phoebe: This is the most boring party of all time.
Heather: I know. If only we had that Swag Monster Kwabena here, everyone would be having the best time ever.
by Beanstalker July 10, 2011

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A: The editors who don't choose your awesome definitions for Word of the Day.

B: Authors who have had their definition featured on Word of the Day but have sucky def.'s that get more thumbs down than thumbs up.
A: Come on bro, Making Al Gore Angry is the best definition yet! Dumb Urban Dicks making me unhappy.

B: movember, cocktail weenie, bullshine, different hats, call the roll, microvisit, anuscript, NIB, and especially burning envy are all from Urban Dicks
by Beanstalker November 05, 2009

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Phrase used to assure people everything is all right.
John: Man, my American History professor keeps giving me bad grades.
Mark: That sucks bro, my shit is clean in that course.

Tim: My wife keeps telling me that you're having problems in your job?
James: Nah, my shit is clean.
by Beanstalker November 23, 2010

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What you're doing when doing something environmentally bad.
Why are you driving to the NASCAR game with your friends who all own hummers while leaving on the TV on and leaving the fridge door open while plugging in every thing pluggable in your house? You are making Al Gore Angry.
by Beanstalker September 30, 2009

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An American's favorite question and toughest decision.
Customer: I'll have four McDoubles, six Big Macs, three Whoppers, two large orders of fries, four large orders of onion rings, five large Cokes, two ice creams, and two jumbo chilli dogs. I also have this coupon for buy three spicy chicken sandwiches get one free.

Cashier: For here or to go?

Customer: .... *tears up*
by Beanstalker December 15, 2010

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An entire conversation discussed about nothing except obvious facts. Usually held on awkward blind dates, between coworkers, conversations between a father and his porn star daughter, or a douchebag who thinks he's smooth while trying to hit on a girl.
Rob: So, It's rained everyday this week.
Kelly: Yeah. It usually stops near September, though.
Rob: Mhmm.
Kelly: Yeah.
Rob: So did you watch the 49ers last evening? They lost.
Kelly: Yep. The score was 24-21, right?
Rob. Yes.
Kelly: Can you believe we have to go to work an hour earlier tommorow?
Rob: Yes.
Kelly: ...Okay this is a very obvious obvious conversation
by Beanstalker August 25, 2010

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