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Freshen up gum, ie gum that squirts in your mouth.
Would you like some cum gum?
by BD February 07, 2004

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A college which exemplifies "Hell Frozen Over," located in Northfield VT that prides itself on its ability to create frighteningly skewed male to female ratios, host massive sausage fests, impersonate various braches of the US Military, and play host to a lost, purposeless group of students, commonly referred to as "civis", who are simultaneously the source of the school's student abuse and financial stability. A place that no one would ever want to visit, especially considering the numerous Foam Dance parties hosted on campus. Furthermore, one of the few places where sledding will, undoubtedly, produce serious injuries in even the brightest of its students. Overall, a nasty place that the sun never shines on, the snow never leaves, and icy cold celebacy rules with an iron chastity belt.
Sex kills. Come to Norwich and live forever!
by BD October 01, 2004

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The name Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey, with all of God's powers) gives the little monkey that he makes come out of a gang member's butt in revenge of a previous beating.
"Hey, little anal-dwelling butt monkey. Time for you to go home, little buddy."
by BD August 06, 2004

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Large Galka. Often quick to anger.
The Ubergrand ninja'ed the last beer.
by BD August 25, 2004

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To eliminate the humorous value of a joke due to blatant overuse and terrible timing.
Okay, you totally redmonkeyed that joke.
by BD May 19, 2003

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The small area between your balls and your asshole
As I was wiping my ass, I got shit all over my inbetweenus.
by BD April 18, 2004

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A phallus; or cock.
In his free time, Steve Wynn loves to suck on a nice hard chotch. His roommate Terrence also enjoys a good chotch in his ass.
by Bd November 13, 2003

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