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A terrible youtuber, singer, and father. A man who can't take criticism and attacks his critics for their looks and personality, instead of actually debating their points. He only cares about views and gets incredibly angry when people use his name to get views when he has made countless videos about Shane Dawson, Eugenia Cooney, Jojo Siwa, the Paul brothers, etc. He claims to support and love the LGBTQ+ community, even claiming that he's gay (even though he has had 2 wives). Despite all this bullshit he's done, he still has 11k subscribers.
"Did you see Onision's new video?"
"Why bother, it's probably just another stupid fucking Shane Dawson video."
by pianomuncher January 06, 2019
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Another name for the great “Onision” leader of the cuckolds.

In cuck fashion, Onision is a liberal feminazi vegetarian only he has millions of followers from around the world.
"All bow before the cuck king, Onision, lord of the cuckold empire."

"There goes lord Onision again, being the biggest cuck who ever cucked in the history of cucks."
by Timthehoe August 02, 2016
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a youtuber who gets views and makes money rating underage girls on their appearance and making fun of shane dawson & eugenia cooney for their weight. he got into a relationship with his spouse, lainybot, when lainy was only 15 years old, and got married to each other when lainy was 18. he talks about the LGBT community a lot, although being a straight cuck himself. he's an overall hypocritical asshole, and usually any fans of him are naive 10 year olds who think life is all about being politically correct.

he recently destroyed a wetland in his backyard, and because he lives in the state of washington, he's been ordered to hire people to replace every plant he removed and dumped into a lake behind his & a few neighbor's houses.
Oh, Onision? Isn't he the pedophile who thinks saying how attractive underage girls are is an opinion and is rightfully justified?
by blinkback December 29, 2018
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The king of the cucks. He is our cuckhold leader!
What's that cucks name again?
Onision. Kys he is our Cuck King!
by Cuckfangirl666 August 02, 2016
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The guy that likes having sex with goats and got aids then died then was brought back to life by satan. He now works at a nursing home where he buys drugs from old people.
If you want drugs go to Onision.
by Justmaddy4 February 13, 2017
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The honest onion.
The almighty cuck king
We are not worthy of his presence
"We shall pray to none other than Onision, the cuck lord"
"Thou shalt be judged by any other than Onision and thy would be proud of that"
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The leader of the cuckolds.
Look its King Onision the cuck! Our rightful leader!
by ThatEmoTrash433 August 03, 2016
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