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Pronounced 'Mike-ee' - Slang abbreviation for Microwave.
'Ere Baz, bung it in the mikey, I paid 50 knicka for that mikey, 800W, Sanyo, bung it in the mikey Baz.'
by BallBagBaggins February 16, 2017
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Matey - noun

A person who you don't know the name/random person or the name is insignificant
Example: have you seen matey over there with the massive nut?
by BallBagBaggins August 28, 2019
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Adjective: Something that is covered in semen or has the distinctive scent of semen, thus smelling or being semeny.
1. If you ejaculate onto a face, sock, tissue, the floor etc. it will be semeny.

2. If you're eating something that has a distinguishing smell of semen, it is semeny.
by BallBagBaggins February 07, 2010
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During the act of fellatio, the one who is sucking will suck one of the sides of the suckee's penis up and down, thus side-shafting. Side shafting may lead to what is known as the 'Ultimatum of Pleasure' which is the pre-ejaculation stage.
During a blowjob, the female may or may not side-shaft the man depending on how experienced she is or how good she wants the blowjob to be for the male.
Side-shafting can occur during a session of getting your cock sucked well.
by BallBagBaggins February 05, 2010
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A term that must be said with a lot of emphasis and therefore must be written in capital letters to show this.

Is another term for anal sex or a description of something that's bad.
1. "I was engaging in acts last night such as: drinking, smoking and COCK IN ASS."

2. This day has been nothing but a load of COCK IN ASS.
by BallBagBaggins February 06, 2010
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A cockmuffin is made after obtaining a muffin and rubbing your penis (and balls perhaps) and give it to someone, in the hope that they will eat it.
If one eats it, it will result in a huge comical effect and everyone will laugh at the person who consumed the cockmuffin.
1. Creating a muffin when your friend's back is turned and saying something like, "here have this perfectly normal muffin" and they will inevitably eat it straight after offering it to them. Then the inhumane, humour will commence.

2. I accidently dropped a muffin on my wiener, now it's nothing more than a cockmuffin.

3. I just baked a whole batch of cockmuffins for all the neighbours children to eat.
by BallBagBaggins February 06, 2010
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Pronoun: A place that child molesters told their victims they'd go if they told anyone.
"Don't tell anyone what I did to you or you'll be going to Hell!"
by BallBagBaggins May 16, 2010
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