Facewanking is the act of deliberately searching through an attractive female's Facebook photos to use as a masturbatory aid.
1. Tom: I hope that bitch does accept me on Facebook, I'll be Facewanking all night Stephen: Good plan.

2. That sexy lady who added me the other day has a new album on Facebook called, "Spain". I know what I'll be doing later.
by BallBagBaggins February 6, 2010
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To masturbate over photos of someone on facebook.
This fit bird added me on facebook earlier, I might have a facewank over her later.
by as1985 April 23, 2009
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The act of searching through facebook, finding an attractive picture of someone, and masturbating over it.
"Oh have you seen _____'s picture on facebook? Yeah bro, I had a mad facewank over it"
"omg I caught my room mate on the computer last night, having a facewank.
by WagyuMachine June 28, 2010
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