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"prits" - plural
An undefined unit of prettiness.
"She's got the prits" = "She's pretty"
by Balano April 11, 2009
The best American movie ever made. (There are other movies which are foreign that are slightly better)
If you don't like Jurassic Park, then you will die a virgin.
by Balano May 3, 2003
A guy who admires and wishes to become of African origin. In lamens' terms: A wannabe black guy.
That white fucker is a FUBU.
by Balano May 3, 2003
Someone of latin and Canadian descent. As far as I know, my ex-girlfriend invented the word to describe herself.
Me: You're a Mexuck (combination of Mexican and Canuck)
Clarissa: I'm Hispadian.
by Balano May 31, 2005
The closest distance between safety and danger. The closest distance between good and bad. The closest distance between life and death.
The thief held the gun to the cashier's head at point blank.
by Balano April 27, 2003
Any attractive woman

synonymous with "slice" or "hottie", etc...
A hot chick walks by and I might say: "WOOPANG!!!!"
by Balano August 14, 2006
(I was just about to put the same definition!! Who are you, Mayra?)
The singlehandedly most attractive girl in high school. There is no guy who can't stop looking at her. But these guys don't wanna bang her like a rag doll. This Mayra manages to be so perfect, that every guy respects her just from looking at her perfection.
Holy shit, Mayra is so perfect that I didn't even need to get an erection!
by Balano May 3, 2003