8 definitions by Bagplays

That guy who made The pizza mozzarella song. Idk his name again
Realjameskii says: peppega
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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If you ask a "Black skin colored Man" for a pass to call him a mich shorter nickname.
Me: Can i have the N-Word Pass?
Ma Black friend: Yea.
Me: Ah shit. Here we go again.
Ma black nigga: what u mean?
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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Everything will be a new feature even pizza mozzarella or N-Word Pass.
Me in a pizza shop: i'll take a pizza mozza...
*Ali-A intro fades in*
Me: with extra
*Ali-A intro intensivies*
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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Some Random Dude on youtube. Thinking its cool and useful of doin Youtube where he actually just doing stuff and entertain people
Me: Hey did you watched CallmeCarson's new vid?

Friend: What's a "CallmeCarson". And why aren't my legs shaved?
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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When Mirage from Apex Legends starts stuttering when he deploys his Decoy in a certain Moment
Mirage: Go Bam-Bazoombala-Bam-Ba....... Fool 'em.
by Bagplays July 8, 2019
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When some random nigga starts to dance infront of ur car.
Random Nigga: May i praise the lord?
Me: Yea why not.
Random Nigga: *Starts to dance*
Me: ah shit, here we go again.
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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A Charakter made in Apex Legends.
Pretty good.
Nice Ultimate.
Cool Tactical Ability.
Op Passive ability.
Everyone wants to play as her.
But now it stopped. As season 2 began.
Bit before season2 it was like.
Me: lemme have wraith.
Other dude: no.
Me: fuck off.
Other dude. Lmao.
Random enemy wraith: "punching" in a tunnel.
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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