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To smack somebody with a fish.
I cornobbled Jason. **smacks Jason with a fish**
by BW October 09, 2004

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the coolest cabin ever at Camp Agawak in 2004! (with the awesomest girls too!)
Cabin Birchwood kicks ass!
by BW April 11, 2005

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A type of cosplay, generally from the anime fandom, that involves wearing a mask in the style of the character, and oftentimes, a uniformly colored bodysuit.
Holy shit, did you see that doller? It was like something out of my nightmares.
by BW December 17, 2004

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The website from which shens and funnay are produced. Short for RDesignsOnline.com.
Bill:Hey man you check out those new films at RDO?
Ted:Yea man they're the shit!
by BW April 25, 2004

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A type of powerful rock music that is split into three types:

The bad. The US screaming crap that everyone judges it on. Idiot posers shouting and attacking their guitars. Sadly this rubbish is popular and gives eveyone a bad opinion of the genre. It sells itself on retarded image. eg Slipknot and System of a Down

The good stuff. Characterised by the best and most original lyrics in music, amazing guitar playing, some incredibly beautiful singing Tarja Turunen from Nightwish and some fo the most emotional songs ever Maiden's Paschendale. It is sold by the talent of all the members of the band most music is all about the singing.

The ugly. Weird stuff that isn't for everybody. Often with strange growling vocals not shouting. Eg Finntroll and the better songs of Cradle Of Filth
Person: Metal si all screaming and bad guitar playing
Me: *Plays Nightwish's Ghost Love Score*
Person: OMG that was so beautiful, my media brainwashed mind is now cleansed
by BW February 15, 2005

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in a restaurant, to go or ala carte
I will take that order with legs.
by bw December 04, 2004

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